Medical Gas Piping

We have seen technological advancements in medical gas piping systems that have immensely improved health care.

engineers These innovative high quality gas systems contain advanced;
-Control closing boxes -Terminal units -Gas manifolds
-Supervision systems -Gas plants -Pipeline Systems

Medical gas piping systems are required to have copper tubes of type L or K. Manufactures ensure that the tubes are properly capped, plugged and cleaned. These precautions must be observed as oxygen under pressure might combust simultaneously endangering patients receiving medical gases.

Fire protection engineering and system design

This encompasses science and engineering concepts to protect properties and people from smoke and fires. In this field, new technologies which are able to detect and suppress fire outbreaks through sophisticated smoke detection systems.

These innovative advancements include;
-Fire Detection: fire brigade and alarm call systems
-Passive Fire Protection: installation of fire or smoke barriers, fire assembly points
-Escape Facilities: fire lifts or emergency exits
-Active Fire Protection: fire suppression systems