Finding the Right Mechanic for You

15236610911_417f2072f8_kFinding the right mechanic can be a difficult search. From the sleazy guy down the road to the shop that ranked highest on Yelp, yet is not actually at their listed address. How can you go about finding the right mechanic? Here are some helpful hints to find the right mechanic for you, in your area.

One easy way to start is word of mouth. Tradition never fails, and this is a reliable way to find a mechanic who your friends and family trust. This is a good way to get a preliminary list together. With this list, you can go on to do some more research into the right one for you.

Once you have a list together, it’s time to get online. If the mechanic or shop has their own website, this is good indication they are an established business with steady traffic. This can be good and bad.
First off, it means that they probably have qualified staff who will know what they are doing when working on your vehicle. On the other hand, it may mean that they have hectic schedules, may not be able to fit you in for days or weeks, or may not give each vehicle the independent time that a less busy shop would be able to.

If they do not have their own website, Yelp is a good resource to find mechanics and shops in your area. An added benefit to Yelp is that you can see ratings and reviews from other customers. This way, you will be better informed when making your decision.
Another good resource like Yelp is Angie’s List. Both of these sites will allow you to get a better feel for each of the mechanics and/or shops you are considering. Lastly, Google can be a surprisingly good resource on your search. They have their own reviews and ratings, but in a more general way than Yelp or Angie’s List. If you are lucky enough to be in the Phoenix area, Street Automotive has all your car inquiries covered. They are the most trusted mesa auto repair shop Arizona has to offer.

After you have done your word of mouth and internet research, it is time for the last step. At this point, it’s best to15243310666_1e4af80b9b_k call each of the mechanics on your short list. Talk to them about what your needs and expectations are for your vehicle, and see if they are a good fit for what you need. Once you have contacted all of the mechanics on your short list, you should have a frontrunner that will stand out to you. This is your man. Good luck with the search!